‘Shut up and learn’ I was told. To question was equal to commit a crime in my childhood. So I stared at the blackboard, torn edges of the school bags, broken iron rods of the windows, cracks in the floor, spider webs around the tube-lights, coconut oil dripping from my friends' foreheads, water puddles in the playground and so on.

But there was a one streetlight I stared at more than anything. It was in the middle of nowhere and I could see it from my window. 

The streetlight din't care to see my color, shape, gender, language, class, caste, religion, place or if I want any light or notAll it did was, just stand there and give light.

That streetlight was my teacher. I could ask any question and was never asked to shut up. Now I have teachers all over the world with whom I have innumerable conversations.