Through photography, I try to probe and pose questions about what is seen and perceived so that the self-reflection goes beyond surfaces and generate a personal intellectual space. With deliberate visual pairings, I propose an aesthetic familiarity and discomfort of trying to solve a riddle. In my photographs, I try to bring chaos and stillness together and create an imaginary partnership which helps me find a contemplative solitude in the current pace of life and its sudden disappearance.

Photography brought me joys and miseries and became my only ally and nemesis at the same time. The search, the walks, the heartbreaks, the friendships, the reflections, the questions, and the simple things that come along and make life an extraordinary experience, however wretched; I owe it to the magic of photography. Devotional poetry of Rumi, visual poetry of Harry Callahan and Minor White have given me new insights and pierced the ordinary through my heart, mind and soul.

What you see is an amalgamation of physical, mental and spiritual projection of my consciousness. In simple words, 'a photograph'.

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