When I was a kid, a funny looking man used to clean the ear wax of my grandfather. He had all sorts of strange looking tools in a wooden box and he used to gossip in a whispering tone. There was a sweet old lady, with all her front teeth missing, who used to sell fresh yogurt in clay cups that my grandmother really loved. I remember running into the streets to meet an old man who made water filled balloons with an elastic string called 'gubbare'. He made many other toys for children right in front of my eyes and it was fascinating to watch him do that. These people disappeared over time and no one knew what happened to them. They left without a trace and took their traditions, skills and secrets with them. Today, when I look around, I see similar people who are very much alive and part of our life but no one knows when they will disappear.

Through this ongoing photographic project, I attempt to document such endangered sapiens.

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