“Beyond Looking, there is Seeing”

Purpose of an artist is “to help find missing pieces of their soul.” The objective probably is concise, and simple to understand. However, it is incredibly challenging to realize it. The art-object conceals those missing pieces, of the artist, and of the viewer.

As long as the viewer is looking at the art-object, what is being viewed is only a reflective surface of a deep body of water (of mystery). The reflection is so powerful that seldom one cannot see what’s beneath the surface. The viewer must let themselves plunge into the waters, to increase their chances to go closer to the bottom gradually. Not just dive into the waters and safely swim around, but actually, drown. The trick, which needs immense practice, is to go back up to breathe and go further down, deeper and deeper. One of the main aspects practicing is not to hurry and panic. More the practice, the longer one can stay without being suffocated. The viewer must realize that they cannot see everything in one go because the area of visibility has a limited range. Moreover, as they go deeper, visibility decreases to the point that it is entirely dark. However, it is at this point when the viewer’s visibility does not depend on an external light source or rather, the viewer must let go of their dependency on an external light source. This is where the missing pieces of the soul are hidden, and this is when they reveal themselves. The viewer can choose to remain in that state or go back to the surface with a sense of attainment comparable to none other, for they found another piece of their soul.

The true success of an art-object is when the artist skillfully provides a profound body of water for one to dive in and drown. In the end, the artist disappears, the art-object disappears, the viewer disappears, and what remains is seeing.