1. “The Power of a Meaningful Image and a Photographer’s Despair”

    Date 28 Nov 2016
    Imagine that you are standing on the edge of a still water lake. The water is still, the scene is serene, everything is so calm and quiet that you could hear your own breathing. You stand there for a while and think Oh no! Why it is so quiet here…

  2. Eddie Adams Workshop – REFLECTIONS by Santosh Korthiwada

    Date 19 Nov 2016
    to the aspiring Student to team White, to team Black, to team Red, to team Blue, to team Yellow, to team Orange, to team Pink, to team Green, to team Mint, to team Beige, to team Lavender, to team Turquoise, to Alyssa Adams, Nancy and uncle Jim, to all the…

  3. Focusing Inward

    Date 21 Oct 2016
    I’m passionate about making photographs and art in general and so are a million others who are passionate about art. Some appreciate art, some criticize art, some idolize art, some loath art and some make art and some stopped making art Looking at my photographs, when people encouragingly tell me…

  4. Understanding Aesthetics (Part 2)

    Date 21 Oct 2016
    Aesthetics is the study of beauty. Is it only the study of the object you are looking at? Or is it also the study of you, who is looking at the object and feeling the beauty of it Sigmund Freud being a neurologist & a psychologist emphasized much of his…

  5. Understanding Aesthetics (Part 1)

    Date 21 Oct 2016
    My understanding of beauty is different from yours and vice versa. However, it is important to realize how did our individual understanding shape from? Is it a result of a deep rooted individualistic philosophy one has developed over the years or is it the result of external factors that tell…

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