1. Selfie

    18 Apr 2018
    సెల్ఫీ ఈ శతాబ్దానికే ఒక తిరుగులేని అర్థాన్ని చేకూర్చిన దృగ్విషయం ‘సెల్ఫీ’ అంటే అతిశయోక్తి కాదు. దీన్ని అవసరం అని కొందరు, ఒట్టి దండగ అని కొందరు, ఇది వ్యసనం అని కొందరు, మరి ఇంకొందరైతే ఏకంగా సెల్ఫీ ఒక అంటువ్యాధి అని వాపోతుంటారు. మన కుర్రకారు మాత్రం సెల్ఫీ ని ‘భావ వ్యక్తీకరణ’ అని చాటి చెప్పేస్తూంది. కుర్రకారేం ఖర్మ, పిల్లకారు, పడుచుకారు, మధ్యవయస్కారు, ముసలికారు, ఆఖరికి అస్థిపంజరకారూ,…

  2. Story of an Image

    30 Nov 2017
    This was 2015 summer, and after a long and hot day of walking in the maze-like alleys of Varanasi, me and my friend were relaxing at a makeshift tea shop on a street corner. It was mid-day and the light was super harsh and not conducive to my type of…

  3. Photographer in the age of A.I

    13 Nov 2017
    The physicality, and the conceptual magic is mainly owned by the artist in traditional arts like painting, and sculpture. When it comes to photography, and especially digital photography; the physicality is primarily driven by technology and conceptual presence is still owned by the artist. This I believe, is the fundamental…

  4. “Beyond Looking, there is Seeing”

    10 Nov 2017
    Purpose of an artist is “to help find missing pieces of their soul.” The objective probably is concise, and simple to understand. However, it is incredibly challenging to realize it. The art-object conceals those missing pieces, of the artist, and of the viewer As long as the viewer is looking…

  5. Progress - maybe there isn’t such a thing

    04 Jul 2017
    From the age of information hacking, ethical hacking, physiological hacking, and genetic hacking; we are now stepping into the world of Neurohacking. Apparently, this allows hacking of human consciousness so that we can ‘fix ourselves’ and hack ourselves to be more meaningful in the world To fix, there must be…

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